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Guide to Learning:  Lesson 3

Use this "guide sheet" page to structure your progress through the learning task.  (Buttons for the various steps are at left, and also below).  To get the most learning benefit, work through the steps in order, and attend closely to the narrative that accompanies each step. 


»1»  Your Perception of U.S. Demographics (Activity)

»2»  U. S. "Religion Stew" (Reading)

»3»  Revising Your Notions (Activity)

»4»  Describing Religious Diversity (Reading)


Each person's mental "lens" on the world sort of warps and wavers aspects of "what is" (as determined from an academic and authoritative standpoint). This is as true in the realm of ultimate beliefs as any other.

»Step 1»   Your Perception of U.S. Demographics (Activity)  

bulletTry your hand at identifying the U.S. mix of religious diversity by envisioning and recording the topmost population groupings (nationwide).

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»Step 2»   U. S. "Religion Stew" (Reading)  

bullet Study the informational reading, paying due regard to what is known about the nation's religious diversity (data).

What's in our nation's religious diversity soup?  Teachers know that Christianity dominates as a major ingredient in the United States mixture, but the population has many other "ultimate beliefs" groups as well.  The demographics on religion vary widely across the country.  Nonreligious persons too are part of the mix.  Any U.S. teacher is likely to have youngsters from any of these as pupils.  

As you read the material, try to build in your mind a picture the worldview composition of the United States.  You want yours to be a realistic conception of our nation's religious demographics.

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bulletQ:  Is there any information in the "religion stew" article (or within material it referenced that you may also have examined) that would cause you to update your notions concerning of the top belief groupings nationwide?  
bulletQ:  Have you noticed inexplicable variations in data?  (How confident can you be of the percentages attributed to various groups?)

Important!  Be sure you complete the reading before you attempt the activity below.

»Step 3»   Revising Your Notions (Activity)

bulletRevamp your understandings if need be, so that the "big picture" of national religious diversity you have in your mind accurately reflects recent data.

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»Step 4»   "Describing Religious Diversity (Reading)

bulletUsing a civic perspective, weigh the merits of a familiar phrase in light of how neutral it is at depicting the diversity

This paper presents the problems of using one phrase alone when at times another can put forth the idea with less partiality.  

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»Moving on to Testing»

This is the end of Lesson Three Learning Tasks  We suggest you return to the Lesson 3 Home page and revisit the structure of this lesson.  Then, go to "Testing Your Knowledge" and: 1) review for your test, 2) take the test, and 3) self-check the test. 

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